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Why we are raising money on Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a donation-based crowdfunding platform which allows anyone to set up a campaign to raise funds for a new idea, product or project. It is also a rewards-based platform meaning that people who contribute to a fundraising campaign receive a reward (or perk in Indiegogo-speak) in return for their donation.

Many product design startups are using platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter to enable them to raise funds to develop innovative new products and we wanted to share with you why we decided to take this approach.

We chose to raise money on Indiegogo for two important reasons:

1. To speed up production – delivery in time for Christmas 2015

We are in the fortunate position that we have raised the investment necessary to develop the Ojee TALON, in fact the exciting news is that production is already underway! However, by receiving pre-orders and raising additional funding through Indiegogo we are able to bring forward our production timeline in order to deliver the TALON in November 2015, just in time for that all important Christmas present and plenty of off-season practice!

2. Pre-Ordering - To offer exclusive discounts and limited editions to our amazing supporters

By using Indiegogo as a pre-order channel and allowing people to pre-order the TALON now, we are able to offer significant discounts and exclusive limited edition products as a way of saying thank-you to our amazing supporters.

We've already taken over £11,000 of pre-orders from the UK, US, Japan, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar and Estonia.

To Wrap Up...

Because we have raised investment, production of the TALON is underway, however Indiegogo allows customers to pre-order the TALON at a significant discount and pre-orders allow us to speed up production and delivery! Most importantly though, Indiegogo allows us to reach across the globe and share the journey of the development of this exciting new golf product with the people who have helped us to get here, our supporters.

Thank you all.

Matt & Paul

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