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Delighted to Announce a UK Exclusive Launch - just in time for Christmas!

Two years ago, my father and I produced the TALON, the only digital golf aid that offered golfers real-time feedback on their set-up position – the foundation of the swing.

After an extremely successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, we not only received incredible financial backing, but also vital feedback on how to improve the product even further.

Now the TALON is back, better than ever and ready to help you to slash your handicap in the off season. Discover your Ojee Angle and build consistency on the range, or even in the comfort of your own home. 

How it Works – Find Your ‘Ojee Angle’

We firmly believe the most important building block to consistency with every club is the relationship between your spine angle and your club shaft angle –  in fact, we're so sure that we decided to name it after ourselves! Golfers all over the UK have had their handicap slashed by using the TALON and following these simple steps:

1) Get your favourite club (excluding the putter)

2) Use the TALON Mk2 to determine your optimum Ojee Angle

3) Move through your bag adjusting your spine angle where necessary, ensuring the Ojee Angle is constant.

4) Watch your handicap plummet!

Put a Talon under your Christmas tree and guarantee to start the 2018 season with a bang!

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