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We’re excited to be launching an equity fundraising campaign on one of Europe's leading crowdfunding platforms. Following the success of Talon launch, we’re now looking to expand our business with new products and online services.
The Talon is now used in Europe's busiest teaching facility, World of Golf and this year was shortlisted for Yahoo's annual Sports Technology Awards 2018
Now we’re about to embark on the next stage of our journey, the Ojee Academy. An online tuition platform, with new products, app integration and a network of top Teaching Pros, including - Kevin Craggs, Gareth Shaw, Tony Westwood and Sebastian Grobler.
If you're interested in finding out more about how you can become a part of that exciting journey, please register your interest below and our founder - Matt Hulbert will get in touch with an investor pack and further information.

Following our soft launch of the Talon we’ve modified the offering, having received feedback from a selection of our 200 backers. One of the most significant findings from our research was the Ojee Angle® - an angle which we believe to be the most critical angle in the set-up. Every golfer has a unique Ojee Angle® and doesn’t yet know it - the Talon is the only patented portable device that can show you that angle.

Now that we’ve explored the product and various business models we’re ready to recruit and build a marketing campaign to promote our findings and the product.

Now’s your opportunity to be a part of our amazing story and join us in the fight to help golfers all over the world break 100! The groundwork has been laid, the tools have been purchased and the golf world is ready for the Talon - let’s get to it! 

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