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At Ojee we strategically looked to identify and solve a critical problem for golfers which had not previously been addressed using digital technologies.

How you set up and address the ball is fundamental to every golfer’s game, from beginners to professionals. However, teaching, learning and replicating the optimum set up for golfing success has previously relied upon basic unreliable methods which cannot be quantified or accurately replicated. For example, relying on ‘feel’, looking in a mirror and video analysis.

We have developed a revolutionary new training aid that gives you real-time visual feedback on your angles of address. Talon acts a little like a digital spirit level for your set-up, it’s a digital display unit that easily attaches to the grip of any golf club in your bag and using patented technology, it measures and clearly displays four critical angles of address:


The relationship between the Angle of the Club Shaft and the Spine Angle is the MOST CRITICAL ANGLE IN THE SET-UP & SWING - it is the axis point for the entirety of the swing plane. Understanding and mastering your own unique OJEE ANGLE® gives you the foundation to achieving consistency throughout your bag.

Find out more about the OJEE ANGLE® in this instructional video;


It is a known fact that the swing revolves around the set-up, therefore taking the time to know your optimum spine angle at address can make all the difference to your consistency guaranteeing you better control of both FLIGHT & STRIKE.


The loft & lie of your golf club can have a huge impact on the FLIGHT, STRIKE & DIRECTION of your golf ball, therefore it is essential you build your set-up around the club. The Talon club-shaft angle number helps ensure your hands and club are all correctly aligned.


The position of the club face at the moment of impact accounts for around 75% of a balls overall starting direction with club path influencing only 25%

Remember the OJEE code – FACE SENDS IT, PATH BENDS IT.

Controlling the aim of your club-face is key to all shots whether it be a Straight shot, Draw or Fade.

What are the ideal angles of address?

In truth every golfer is different, they have different heights/arm lengths/ clubs etc. With that in mind there is no hard and fast rule as to what your individual angles should be when you set-up to take your shot. We recommend that you use the Talon in conjunction with a teaching professional to help you to find your optimum set-up position and make a note of the figures that the Talon displays. This will allow you to achieve the same position when you’re practicing outside of your lesson.

What if I don’t use a Teaching Pro?

All clubs have an ideal angle of lie, this can be found in the clubs manufacturing notes. This is a great place to start – set the club to its ideal position using the Talon and then take your stance. Hit a shot and begin to find your optimum set-up position through trial and error.

Is the Talon waterproof?

The Talon and Back Unit have been designed to reduce the chance of water ingress.

It can be used in adverse weather conditions but cannot be fully submerged into water or any other liquid.

What is the Difference Angle (DIF°)?

The DIF° is arguably the most important angle to take note of, we now call it the Ojee Angle ®. Once you’ve set up your optimum position using the Shaft Angle (S°) and Club Shaft Angle (C°) with one club (ideally the club that you hit best) – take the Ojee Angle® reading and apply that to the rest of the clubs in your bag. As the shaft length of the club changes your set-up will change accordingly. However, the Ojee Angle® should remain the same or if not similar (within 1°-2°) for all your clubs. This will help you to repeat the same swing plane and improve consistency.

I’ve noticed sometimes that the Talon experiences ‘Drop-out’ (A brief loss of signal between the Club Unit and the Back Unit) – Is this normal?

Yes, occasionally the radio communication between the 2 units can experience interference from another source. This can sometimes result in a minor amount of ‘drop-out’ and causes the Spine Angle to flick on and off momentarily. If the problem persists or the signal has dropped for an extended period of time please contact [email protected]


This is the story of the revolutionary golf training aid, to improve the one thing that golfers struggle with regardless of talent, age or experience - the angles of their setup

" I feel that hitting specific shots -- playing the ball to a certain place in a certain way -- is 50 percent mental picture, 40 percent setup, and 10 percent swing "

Jack Nicklaus

" What invariably distinguishes a good player from a poor one is their respective address positions or setups "

David Leadbetter

"By providing the kind of coaching that is usually provided only by PGA certified pros, Ojee will enable golfers to get their game in shape wherever they happen to be"

National Club Golfer Magazine

"What Ojee TALON will help you do is understand the position you need to be in to perform optimally so you can play your best game more often"

Tony Westwood, Westwood Golf Academy, PGA AA Professional and Level III Coach

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