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Introducing the Ojee Angle®

One thought, one process, one swing. A strong repeatable posture is the quickest way for a golfer to build consistency into their game. As we know, the swing revolves around the set-up – ensuring that you start the swing process in your best possible position will help to engrain that vital muscle memory and ultimately lead to better performances and lower scores. Our unique Ojee Angle® reading introduces a level of consistency that we’ve not yet seen in the world of golf.

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Introducing the Ojee Angle®
So how does it work?

So how does it work?

If you haven’t got access to a teaching pro, take your favourite club and hit shots on the range until you’re getting the strike that you’re looking for (be sure to make a mental note of the TALON reading before each strike). Once you’ve established your optimum Ojee Angle® and feel comfortable, switch the TALON onto your least favourite club (more commonly a long iron) and take your address. Hit your unique Ojee Angle® and swing with the same arc and rhythm as you had with your favourite club. Congratulations! you’ve just unlocked your entire bag! No more fearing 4 irons or choking up on Wedges - take the variable out your set-up and build consistency from the foundation of your swing.

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Remove the guesswork

Our wireless back unit measures your spine angle.

The digital display unit attaches to the grip of your club and measures the club shaft angle.

Our clever technology syncs and works out the club shaft to spine angle. We believe the OJEE ANGLE is the key to unlocking consistency.

With the digital display unit pre-aligned, TALON tells you if the Club Face is Open, Closed or Square.

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Remove the guesswork
Andy Parker, UK - Talon User; Oct 2017
“Thanks to the Talon I’m much more comfortable over the ball and I’m hitting each club 10-20 yards further! The Talon has helped me set up correctly and to improve my consistency, even when putting. I play off 14 but often shoot 9 holes in 40 or less, in fact I just shot 38 on the back 9! Great product.”

– Andy Parker, UK - Talon User; Oct 2017

Kevin Craggs, Top 25 European PGA Coach
"I am a great believer that the swing revolves around the set-up and Talon provides an affordable training aid to measure key parameters within the set-up, helping golfers of all levels achieve greater consistency from their game."

– Kevin Craggs, Top 25 European PGA Coach

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Master your Ojee Angle and unlock every club in your bag

No more fear of the 4 iron, the Ojee Angle is your key to consistency throughout your bag.

To swing like a pro first you need to setup like one

Master the foundation of the golf swing with smart, simple and easy to understand technology for use at home and on the driving range.