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Training Aids - Why Golfers Need Them

Golf is the fifth largest sport in the UK. Golf is a great low intensity sport that can be played by all ages and skill level, and can be played during the majority of the year. Notwithstanding, golfers are prone to sustain injury to the back and shoulders with regard to the rotational and lateral bending due to the golf swing.

According to Meira and Brummit, (2010), injuries can be caused by faulty swing technique, thus training aids and/or programs are crucial to prevent such injuries occuring. They also found that understanding the golf swing with regards to set-up is an utmost necessity and should not be overlooked as it can cause ‘faulty mechanics during setup’.

Many players have underwent surgery to manage the injury and get back on their feet. Even top players such as Tiger Woods have sustained a myriad of injuries, undertaking an array of surgeries and utilising different tools to better his stance and performance. Moreover, Golf Digest suggested that players swing the golf club in ways that create more stress on the body, thus causing more injury to the lumbar spine, twisting and forcing discs and joints to move. The fast movement of the golf club generates power to the torso, which can subsequently injure the lateral muscles. This is how the Ojee Angle® was born; the Ojee Angle® allows a golfer to find their best position, thereby improving their setup before swinging the club.

The Golf Participation Report (2017) suggested that more and more people look for training and teachers when it comes to golfing. Golf is one of the most challenging sports to play, and whilst playing with friends or a teacher may help, a training aid, such as the TALON prove to be very effective in the success of stance and angles before swinging the best shot.

Over 60m golfers exist around the world, only 5% shoot a score below 80. With bespoke tuition and an innovative training aid, golfers can master their setup and achieve greater consistency. Training aids are useful as they give the golfer feedback on any stage of their golf session. Be it backswing, downswing or contact, training aids allow you to develop on your performance, ultimately allowing an improved golf swing after each session. Most training aids can be used in the comfort of your own home to develop on different stages of your swing, they are crucial tools for consistency.

Setup is important, without good setup, consistency is not possible. The TALON is also a self teaching tool that can be used at home to further improve setup with regards to posture, spine angle, shaft angle and of course, the Ojee Angle®. It is best used before each round to ensure optimal setup for the day, the more it is used, the more improvement to all-round muscle memory, ultimately improving consistency and swing.  

The TALON is a training aid that prevents bad posture, it prevents injury to lateral muscles and ensure you perfect your setup before your swing. This is illustrated through visual feedback on a real-time screen, no matter the size of the club.

Rock up to your next golfing session with the TALON, a real-time digital aid that illustrates your best angles.

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