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Ojee TALON Receives 5 Star Review from GolfMagic

GolfMagic, Europe's largest digital golf magazine recently took the TALON golf training aid for a spin on the driving range and has awarded it a coveted 5 star review. Here's some of what they had to say.

The beauty of the Talon is that it removes any guess work from the swing and provides all the critical information you need to set up to the ball with the same posture each and every time.”

After using it for a good hour on the range, the Talon certainly does a great job at improving muscle memory as it begins to sync you into a better posture without you even knowing it.”

It's also a great tool if you're pushing or pulling shots because you will instantly see why when looking at your numbers.”

While working with the Talon alongside your local PGA pro would certainly be a great idea to get the most out of this training aid, the benefit of the device is that you can use it for self-teaching purposes wherever you may be.”

The Talon training aid is one of the smartest and most effective self-teaching tools we have seen for quite some time.”

To learn more about the TALON CLICK HERE

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