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We’re delighted to announce that Angels Den founder Bill Morrow will be joining our team here at Ojee Golf. Bill’s record in recognising potential growth opportunities in businesses is second to none. An incredible 92% of businesses funded through the platform are still operational today, 11 years on from when Bill first founded Angels Den.

The timing is perfect for us here at Ojee Golf, we’re about to embark on the next exciting stage of our journey. After successfully soft-launching the Talon into 20 different countries, we’re now ready to take the Talon and Ojee Golf to the next level – tackling new markets, new product lines and taking the Ojee Angle® to the global golfing community!

Ojee Golf CEO, Matt Hulbert said, “Having Bill on board is a huge asset to us here at Ojee, we’re ready to build on our recent successes, having been shortlisted at the Yahoo Sports Technology Awards this year and seeing Talon used at World of Golf. Bill is definitely the right man to help us grow Ojee into the global sports-tech company that we’re striving to be.”

Angels Den founder, Bill Morrow commented, “I first met Matt at a fundraising event organised by Super Network North, he came across as a very passionate guy, and for me that’s essential for any entrepreneur looking to scale their business. I was impressed with what Matt had already achieved with the Talon and I’m excited to be a part of the future of Ojee Golf.”

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Aug 28, 2018 • Posted by Paul Koshy

How cool is this, Matt! Really pleased for you.

I’m part of the Innovation SuperNetwork team that also runs VentureFest Tees Valley (VFTV). I’m guessing from what Bill Morrow said that he met you at the FinanceCamp meet the investors event at VFTV.

Well done also on your other recent achievements of being shortlisted at the Yahoo Sports Technology Awards this year and seeing Talon used at World of Golf! Brilliant!

Wishing you every success, Matt.

Paul Koshy

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